Why is France reluctant to supply Leclerc tanks to Kyiv?

The question arose very quickly after the announcement to Ukraine on Wednesday, January 25 German Panther tanks and American Abrams : Will France follow suit and supply modern heavy tanks to Q’s forces? Will the Army agree to part with some of its 226 supervised Leclercs? Or will it be satisfactory to send the AMX10-RC, a light tank mounted on wheels, as Emmanuel Macron announced on January 4?

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Officially, “Controversies” Negotiations between Paris and Kew have been going on for weeks over a proposal to supply Leclercs to the Ukrainian forces, with no final decision. According to Elysee, the matter was reiterated by the President on Tuesday, January 24, during a telephone exchange with Ukrainian representative Volodymyr Zelensky. “Discussions between French and Ukrainian experts continue, especially to assess the cost-benefit ratio of such a supply”Explains an official source, rejecting the hypothesis of rapid delivery.

A battle tank, it is true, is not an object like any other. The spearhead of armies, it is the only land vehicle that combines mobility (with its tracks), protection (with its armour) and firepower (with its 120 mm gun). “A Leclerc can drive at a speed of 80 km/h, destroy a moving target at a distance of 4,000 meters, while protecting its crew from enemy fire”Colonel Alexandre de Feliconte, commanding officer of 1 enlistsThere is Chasers Regiment (1There is RCH) de Verdun commands a force of thirteen Leclerc tanks sent by France to Romania after the invasion of Ukraine to ensure the security of Eastern Europe.

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The only problem is, these steel monsters weigh more than 50 tons “They are as strong as they are fragile”, recognizing a military source. We often forget that when a modern tank is deployed it requires very important logistical support. To supply it with fuel and ammunition, but above all to ensure its maintenance. While one tank rolls, two remain stationary, mechanized cavalry experts typically say. In Romania, about 1 to 200 menThere is The RCH was dispatched with two recovery tanks. Forgetting this, Moscow lost dozens of units at the beginning of its offensive in Ukraine: left to attack Q without support, part of the Russian T-72 and T-80s had to abandon their crews, ran out of fuel or simply could not help them.

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