WHO advises to eradicate ‘most dangerous’ pathogens

The World Health Organization has pointed out the risk of these pathogens “spreading by accident” contaminating people.

World Health Organization “Firm recommendation“Ukraine Ministry of Health to destroy possible”The most dangerous pathogensIn its laboratories, to avoid any risk of population pollution, due War is raging in one part of the country. The risk of these pathogens has been raised by the UN.Spread by accident.

The recommendation – revealed by the Reuters agency – is that the organization, aware of the concerns that civilian nuclear installations may develop after threats, has been placed in the broader context of its years of cooperation with Ukrainian authorities to improve security at these facilities. .

In its general recommendations on WHO laboratory safetyAlways emphasizes risk-based approachWHO spokesman Tariq Jazarevic said in an interview during a UN press conference in Geneva. “Laboratories should always take into account the circumstances in which they find themselves and, in the event of a threat, ensure that there are mechanisms in place for the complete disposal of pathogens commonly found in these countries for public health reasons. Thus preventing accidental leakageSaid Tariq Jazarevik.

Questioned by the AFP in Geneva, the WHO did not provide a list of laboratories in Ukraine, did not specify their level of protection or explain what pathogens could be found there. The spokesman also could not say whether a laboratory involved in the recommendations was being actively bombed or occupied by the Russian military.

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