What was the status of the 80th day of war in Ukraine?

President Volodymyr Zhelensky has announced that the army has recaptured 1,000 seats from the Russian occupation. For its part, Moscow is concentrating its forces in the Donbass, a strategic region in the east of the country.

Two situations in the same country. In the West, Ukrainian authorities have announced that the army will continue to push back Moscow forces and gradually reclaim some of the lost territory from the end of February, i.e. at the beginning of the invasion. At the same time, Russia is focusing on the Donbass and increasing the number of bombings.

The Russian military has been trying for three weeks, in particular, to cross the Chevrolet Donetsk River at the level of the village of Pilogorivka in the Lukansk region, without success. Back to the latest events of the 80th day of the war.

Ukrainian army lands again from the Russians

During his last daily speech, Volodymyr Zhelensky again tried to cheer his people on. Although Ukrainians say 27,000 Russian soldiers have died since the start of the war, their president has confirmed that his army has recaptured “1000” seats from the enemy, including “six” in a single day on Friday.

At the same time Ukrainian officials announced that 600 wounded were waiting to be evacuated to Azovstal, the last Ukrainian enclave in Mariupol and the center of negotiations between Russians and locals.

Of the Garrison’s 1,000 soldiers, these wounded, still resisting on the spot, took refuge in the underground passages of this industrial zone. And in dramatic circumstances. One of these soldiers, Sviatolsva Palamar, testified in an online video: “We have no ammunition, no food, no medicine.”

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• kyiv Renames Soviet monument

Following the decision of the city council, on Saturday, the Soviet monument People’s Friendship Circle in Que Downtown became the Freedom Circle of the Ukrainian people.

“Today the city council has decided + to reduce the name of the friendly circle of the people. It will now be the curve of the freedom of the Ukrainian people,” the city mayor said in a telegram. The capital is Vitaly Klitschko.

Elected municipal officials have “approved a list of more than 40 monuments and monuments that must be removed from the streets and buildings of the capital and sent to the Museum of Dictatorship,” he added.

தலைவர் The head of diplomacy condemns the “hybrid and total” war waged by the West

At a news conference on Saturday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov denounced the “wave of Russophobia” led by “civilized nations” and said that Western nations were waging a “hybrid and complete” war against Russia. “We reject everything in the Russian language,” he lamented.

“We have to retaliate for the hostile attacks against us and there is work to be done,” he added.

During a press conference, he criticized the alliance between the pro-Ukrainian EU and the United States in the face of Russia in the conflict, saying “the EU is losing its independence” in the face of “Washington’s mandate.” Saturday.

“The standard of living of Europeans is dictated by the United States,” he said. “Is the United States ready to integrate itself into the policy of sovereign equality of the states?”, He pretended to wonder.

G7 “never recognizes” the borders Russia wants to impose

The foreign ministers of the group of seven major powers said on Saturday that the G7 would “never recognize” the borders that Russia wants to impose through its war in Ukraine.

“We will never recognize the borders that Russia has tried to change through military intervention,” the foreign ministers said in a statement issued after a three-day meeting in Wangles, northern Germany. “We will maintain our commitment to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Crimea (…),” they said.

The head of German diplomacy, Annalena Berbach, stressed the fact that Ukraine, the country that will chair the G7 this year, “must decide for itself”, “because it is its territory.”

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Turkey ready to discuss NATO with Finland and Sweden

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday that Turkey was ready to discuss their candidacy for NATO and the reasons for Ankara’s hostility to the expansion with Finland and Sweden.

“Most of the Turkish people are against the members of these countries who support the terrorist organization PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) and they are asking us to stop this member,” the minister said before the NATO meeting in Berlin. And Swedish colleagues are participating.

“But these are definitely issues that need to be discussed with our NATO allies and the countries involved,” he added. Turkey threatens to block Finland and Sweden only after a unanimous vote by the current members of the Atlantic Alliance.

Meanwhile, electricity exports from Russia to Finland were suspended overnight from Friday to Saturday, following a notification from a Russian supplier.

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