What to remember from April 13th

On Wednesday, April 13, the Russian armed forces threatened to retaliate against the Ukrainian capital, although it returned to control of Ukraine on April 2. These threats of revenge continue “Destruction attempts and strikes by Ukrainian forces on targets in the territory of the Russian Federation”According to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Franchise picks up what needs to be remembered from this day forward.

Zhelensky sees Macron’s refusal to call the situation “genocidal” and “extremely hurtful.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky did not welcome his refusal to reprimand one of his French presidents, Emmanuel Macron. “Genocide” In Ukraine by the Russian army. “If true, comments like this would hurt us a lot.”The President of Ukraine said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The United States has pledged new military assistance

A denial goes even worse than the day before, with US President Joe Biden promising it. “It is increasingly clear that Putin is simply trying to destroy the notion that he can be Ukrainian.”.

In addition to the report, the head of state on Wednesday pledged $ 800 million in aid. “I do not knowIt may be the heaviest equipment ever rejected for fear of causing an expansion like armored vehicles with Russia.According to the daily The worldQuoting Many American media.

For its part, Moscow has banned its territory from 398 members of the US Congress. In retaliation for a similar move by Washington on March 24.

According to the United Nations, a humanitarian ceasefire is impossible

The organization’s general secretary, Antonio Guterres, was pessimistic on Wednesday. He expected a humanitarian ceasefire in Ukraine, but he made it clear at a press conference The UN is still waiting for Russia’s response to concrete plans to evacuate civilians and to guarantee humanitarian assistance to war zones.

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The ICC says Ukraine is a crime scene

Britain’s ICC lawyer Kareem Khan called the country “Crime scene”During a visit to Boutcha near kyiv, The bodies of hundreds of civilians were found there After the withdrawal of Russian troops. “This is the first time a lawyer at the International Court of Justice has visited a war zone.”Emmanuel Dawood, a lawyer in the Paris office and an expert in international law, explained at France Info.

“We are here because we have good reason to believe that crimes are committed within the jurisdiction of the court.”Justified Kareem Khan. “We have to break through the fog of war to get the truth.”

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