“We win the wars, but the war goes on,” Cue recalled

Almost 100,000 Russian citizens were exiled in Georgia

France Inter’s morning guest on Saturday, the President of Georgia, Salome Jurapishvili, confirmed that almost 100,000 Russian citizens have left their country and settled in Georgia. “More than 700,000 Russians have crossed the border, and about 600,000 have left” To the neighbors, he explained, and “ 100 000 [ressortissants russes]Roughly, what remained ». Most of them are young people “educated”Received “of an intermediate class”.

This population, “Apparently, this Putin does not want to share the fate of Russia in the war, does not want to mobilize”Analyzes the former French diplomat who was elected president of Georgia in 2018. If cooperation takes place “Cemetery of Chance Incident”It could be anyway A source of tension Inside this tiny country of less than four million people, the memory of a lightning military operation by Russia in 2008 is reviving. Country “There are two territories occupied by Russia with military bases”Remembered M.me Zorapichvili.

“Russia should not think it can regain its virginity in Georgia if it faces defeat in Ukraine”The president began, commenting on the many military setbacks Russia has suffered in recent weeks.

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