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10:03 a.m .: Putin’s health is subject to all speculation and complete mystery

Rumors about the 70-year-old Vladimir Putin’s health in October are vicious, harsh and verifiable. But at the time he was leading the bloody war in Ukraine, they explained that information about the Russian president’s health was scarce, if not the most important aspect.

There is a lot of speculation as to the age of the Russian president and his physique has changed over the years – his face looks swollen and his movements sometimes look tense. The most in-depth inquiry into Putin’s health was published in April by the Russian – language platform Proekt, which, based on open sources, concluded that the president’s visit to his dacha in Sochi in recent years was consistent with the displacement of doctors Armada. Among them, thyroid oncologist, Evgeny Selivanov.

Recently, the weekly magazine Newsweek, Citing U.S. intelligence sources, said he was being treated for advanced stage cancer in April. The US National Security Council has denied the allegations.

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General Kirillo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s intelligence service, told Sky News that Putin had cancer.

During recent appearances, especially during a forum on Pierre Le Grand and an interview with Turkish President Serdar Berdymoukhamedov, the Russian head of state showed no sign of weakness.

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