War in Ukraine: Wohleder, Blahotatne… Russia demands a major breakthrough in eastern Ukraine

Russian forces said on Monday they were gradually gaining ground in eastern Ukraine, their biggest advance in months.

Russian forces said on Monday they were gradually gaining ground in eastern Ukraine. Their biggest breakthrough in monthsAfter heavy fighting, kyiv says Moscow shows disregard for the lives of its own troops.

Denis Pushilin, the administrator of the Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk province, said the troops were able to hold their ground. Vaulter, a mining town whose ruins had served as a Ukrainian stronghold since the start of the war. Wagner, head of the Russian paramilitary group, had said earlier in the day that his fighters had taken control BlessingsA village north of Bagmouth, the town has been under relentless Russian attack for months.

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War in Ukraine: Pressured by future Western tank supplies, Russia is reportedly preparing to launch a new major offensive by February 24.

A clear advance of the Russian forces

Kyiv, for its part, said it had repelled attacks on Blahodatne and Vouhledar. Reuters could not independently verify the situation there. However, the venue of the declared fight, a A clear, albeit gradual, advance of Russian forces on the front line Will keep frozen for about two months.

The situation is very difficult. Bakhmut, Wolter and other parts of Donetsk region, There are constant Russian attacksPresident Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in a video address late Sunday. “The enemy does not take into account its population and maintains the intensity of the attacks, despite the many casualties.”

Vaulter is located to the south Bagmouth, near the eastern front protecting Russian-controlled trains supplying Russian forces in southern Ukraine. Ukrainian military analyst Col. Mykola Salamaka told Ukrainian Radio NV Moscow’s attack on the region was costly. “The city was situated on a plateau and a very strong defensive center was formed there”He declared. “This is a repeat of the situation in Baghmouth – wave after wave of Russian troops crushed by the Ukrainian armed forces.”

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