War in Ukraine: “Ukraine no more”, Russian TV compares invasion to cat grooming

Vladimir Solovyov, a popular Russian state television host, compared the invasion of Ukraine to deworming, the process of removing worms from a cat.

The war in Ukraine is preparing to enter its sixth month Russian State Television Monday blessed us with a wonderful new moment.

Vladimir SolovievA famous Russian state television presenter, He compared Russia’s invasion to a dewormerA procedure in which a cat removes its worms. “When a doctor deworms a cat, to the doctor it is a special operation, to the worms it is a battle, and For the cat, it’s a cleanuphe said.

More genocidal rhetoric on Russian state television: hosts and pundits repeatedly insist that Ukraine no longer exists, Ukrainians who refuse to see themselves as Russians and fight against the invasion are described as Nazis and compared to vermin (bugs, maggots). Here is an example: pic.twitter.com/8hLO6Ni71T

— Julia Davis (@JuliaDavisNews) July 19, 2022

“Ukraine cannot continue”

On the Russia-1 channel, he answered Genocide concepts In an earlier talk by the editor-in-chief of pro-Kremlin TV channel RT, Margaret Simonian.

“We must build our future with culture, with warmth Without UkraineSimonian said.

While the presenterAn evening with Vladimir Solovyov Simonyan, wondering why without Ukraine, replied: “Because Ukraine cannot continue to be, as it was“. “There will be no Ukraine as we know it for many years”, she added.

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