War in Ukraine: Troubled by US HIMARS in Donbass, Moscow orders priority strikes on these long-range rockets

Russia, hit by regular attacks from Western multiple rocket launcher systems supplied to the Ukrainian military, is launching a retaliation.

Russian Defense Minister ordered Vostok Battalion The armed forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (pro-Russian separatists) are targeting missiles and long-range artillery, the priority of the Ukrainian military.

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From Moscow’s point of view, the Launch the launcher American multiples Himars And M270 (Arrived in Ukraine this weekend).

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of Long range weapons (several tens of kilometers) too was afraid Russia recently helped Ukrainian gunmen destroy key military targets in the Donbass. Ammunition depots And Air defense units.

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War in Ukraine: The U.S. Himars rocket launchers provide wings to Ukrainian forces. They attack Luhansk for the first time and destroy new ammunition depots.

“The Defense Minister ordered the commander [du bataillon Vostok] of Give priority want Missile destruction AndEnemy long range artillerytargeting residential areas, wheat fields and grain storage facilities”, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation explained in a statement reported by the news agency Interfax.

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“Sergei Shoigu gave instructions It is necessary to further increase activities in all functional areasto rule out the possibility to rule Kiev Massive strikes should be held Rockets and artillery on civilian infrastructure, residents of the settlements of Donbass and other regions”The report ends.

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