War in Ukraine: Russian energy company Gosprom closes valves, drastically reduces gas supplies to Germany

Gosprom announced its decision to Germany in a press release issued by the Telegram.

Russian gas company Gazprom has announced a more than 40% drop in daily gas supplies to Germany via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which supplies Russian gas to Germany via the Baltic Sea, in two segments of 1 224 km each.

In a statement in the Telegram, Gazprom announced its decision to Germany: “Gas supply through the Nord Stream pipeline is only guaranteed up to 100 million m.3 167 million m3 of gas per day3 For the scheduled day.

Gazprom justifies a 40% drop in its gas supply to Germany, with its German supplier Siemens not sending the necessary equipment. Russia’s largest company, Siemens, claims that in the absence of compressors, only three gas compression units can operate at the Portovaya station on the Finnish border, where the North Stream gas pipeline is filled. For its part, Siemens declines to comment, saying it is “in the process of clarifying the situation”.

The move comes as European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen visits Israel and says the EU wants to strengthen its energy cooperation with the Jewish state in response to Moscow’s gas threat.

Government sources point out that the German government will release 9 to 10 billion euros in aid to save Gazprom’s former German subsidiary, which is threatened with bankruptcy, and took control of Berlin in early April to ensure its gas supply.

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