War in Ukraine. NATO opposes expansion, Lysitshansk and Kerson oppose… Point of the night

Ukraine begins its 126th day of war, this Wednesday, June 29, 2022, continues to pay A large number due to the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian authorities have identified Many deadly attacks on civiliansTuesday, especially at Lichitsansk, the twin city of SiverodonetskThe Donbass bed is located in the strategic pocket of the Ukrainian opposition.

At the diplomatic level, the conflict in Ukraine will be at the heart NATO summit in MadridMore than 40 heads of state and government are meeting to discuss the future of the alliance, with Sweden and Finland finally being able to join after Turkey’s veto was lifted..

Updated on Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lysytchansk opposes, Kherson counterattack

Ukrainian authorities on Tuesday announced a number of deadly strikes against civilians, including in Lysyansk. Nevertheless, Russian forces have not yet surrounded the city of Donbass, which is the new target of the Russians. Its twin city of Siverodonetsk was captured.

The British Ministry of Defense said in an update on the battlefield that Ukrainian forces were strengthening their positions at the height of Lysyansk. Russian Armed Forces “Their meaning is becoming more and more empty”British officials added that they had only achieved tactical success in the Siverodonetsk because they had deployed key components of six different forces.

Officials in the Lukansk Republic said Ukrainian forces had begun to leave the city, but could not verify the information. According to the Institute for War Studies (ISW), Russian forces involved in offensive operations in Siverodonetsk will need some time to regain their combat capabilities before taking part in the attack on Lisyansk.

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In the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, which has been occupied by Russian forces since the first days of the invasion, signs of resistance are growing. A U.S. Defense Department official said Monday that he was aware of assassination attempts on local Russian officials and reports that Ukrainians had liberated several small towns in the northwest and east of Kersen.

Gerson Mayer was arrested by Russian security forces

Russian officials named in the Kherson region say their security forces arrested the city’s mayor Igor Kolikayev on Tuesday for refusing to obey Moscow’s orders.

A local official said the mayor of Kherson had been abducted.

“I can confirm that Kolikayev was arrested by the commander’s office (military police).” Ekaterina Kopareva, vice-president of the Kerson region, appointed by Moscow, said in a telegram.

“This morning, Kerson Mayor Igor Kolikov went to the premises where the rest of the staff of the city council worked.” Mayor’s adviser Halina Lyachevska wrote in a Facebook post.

“As soon as he got out of his car, he was abducted by armed national guards and, presumably, by the FSB.”He added, referring to the key Russian intelligence service.

Igor Kolikayev told the Russian news agency RIA on Monday that another Russian official appointed in the region “Greatly Affected Denunciation Process” Launched by Russia in Ukraine, more: “He was finally neutralized.”

Zhelensky released a video of the strike in Kremensuk

Volodymyr Zhelensky, in his address to the nation, shared a video of a deadly missile being fired. Kremensuk Shopping Center.

This place “Very often” On Monday, June 27, 2022, the city in central Ukraine was attacked by a Russian missile. Causing at least 18 deaths.

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The strike qualified “war crime” By G7 countries. Moscow denies attacking the crowded shopping mall, according to Kue. Russian forces said Tuesday that they had targeted an arms depot.

Turkey removes its veto on Finland and Sweden membership

Turkey, a member of NATO, on Tuesday eliminated opposition to the annexation of Finland and Sweden. After the three countries agreed to protect each other’s security, the week-long soap opera that tested the unity of the Allies in the midst of the war in Ukraine came to an end.

This important step towards NATO’s expansion came after four hours of discussions to officially launch the three – day alliance summit in Madrid in the evening.

As 30 members of NATO seek to show their solidarity and determination at the summit against Russia, this allows them to avoid an embarrassing stalemate, which is now seen as a direct security threat without a potential adversary.

While Finland and Sweden are two Nordic countries that have long been neutral, they can formally submit applications to NATO members to benefit from its security, ensuring that it looks like the most important security change in Europe for decades.

Zhelensky has called for Russia to be excluded from the Security Council

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky on Tuesday blamed Russia “Terrorist state” In his speech to the United Nations.

Russia has accused the Ukrainian president of using his speech at the UN Security Council “Distance Public Relations Campaign” In order to demand additional Western weapons.

Volodymyr Zhelensky called on the Security Council to expel Moscow from the United Nations and set up a tribunal to investigate the actions of the Russian military in Ukraine. However, Russia has veto power in the Council and can defend itself against any action taken in this direction.

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“Russia has no right to participate in discussions and referendums on the war in Ukraine, it is not provoked and acts only for a colonial purpose.”, Estimated by the President of Ukraine. “I urge you to seize the powers of the representatives of this terrorist state.”

War in Ukraine. NATO expansion, Lisitshansk and Kerson oppose Point of the night

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