War in Ukraine – Mobilization in Russia: 260,000 men have already left the country, out of the 300,000 Putin expected

Russian intelligence services are assessing the evacuation as part of a partial military mobilization ordered by the Russian president this Monday, September 21.

Some 261,000 men have left Russia since reservists announced their mobilization last Wednesday, according to the FSB, the Russian Federation’s federal security service. Novaïa Gazeta Europe.

An enormous number compared to the 300,000 men Vladimir Putin hoped to recruit by ordering this “partial military mobilization.”

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“Discussions about closing the border to men of military age began in the presidential administration on Wednesday, September 21, when law enforcement began reporting the number of men leaving the country. According to our source, the FSB says in its latest report dated September 25, 261,000 men left Russia between Wednesday and Saturday evening.“, the Europe-based Russian newspaper assures on its website.

Many Russian citizens have flocked to the borders of Kazakhstan or Georgia in recent days.

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Close the borders

Even these figures should be taken with tweezers, tempers Novaïa Gazeta. “Mood of Russian Presidential Administration” “Law enforcement and Defense Ministry will try to convince Putin to close borders before it’s too late”.

Some observers believe that such a decision can be made after the announcement of the results of the referendums on the annexation of the Ukrainian regions to the Russian Federation, the results of which do not raise any doubts in the Kremlin. Wednesday 28 or Thursday 29 September.

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