War in Ukraine: Macron “fearing Russia”, France “in denial until last”… Boris Johnson shock statements

In an interview with CNN, the former British Prime Minister did not spare the French President either.

This is the big unboxing. During an interview with an American media CNN, Boris Johnson Back to the start of the conflict. “This thing was a big shock…we could see the Russian battalion battle groups coming together, but different countries had different perspectives.“, Johnson said.

He was first critical of the German approach. “At one point the German view was that if this happened, it would be a disaster and then everything would be over quickly and Ukraine would do well to withdraw. […] I couldn’t stand it, I thought it was a devastating way to look at it.” He criticized.

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Macron “Afraid of Russia”

The former British prime minister did not fail to address France, criticizing Berlin’s lack of expectations. “Don’t doubt it The French refused until the end”“Bojo” was abandoned Accusing Emmanuel Macron containing “Fear of Russia”.

As a reminder, the President met Vladimir Putin in Moscow a few weeks agoRussian invasion of Ukraine.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said France “rejects” the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. https://t.co/xwwgHBUTZP

— CNN International (@cnni) November 22, 2022

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