War in Ukraine: ‘Enjoy your last days’ before ‘nuclear disaster’, Russians on TV

During his speech earlier this Friday afternoon, Vladimir Putin raised his voice with the West. Even editorial writers.

A new day on Russian television. Whereas Vladimir Putin He gave a speech after completing the verification this Friday Unification of four Ukrainian regions – Hardening the tone with the West in passing – Russian editorial had a field day.

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A bear with nuclear missiles cannot die slowly

One of them stood out in particular. This is Maxim Yusin, the newspaper’s political critic Commercial. Here are his comments on Friday’s broadcast, translated by BBC journalist Francis Scar, a guest of Russian television channel NTV: “We are stuck in a spiral and I can’t find a way out of the crisis. (…) People should live their last days or last weeks normally. Maybe that’s all we have left. It’s a shame to be pessimistic about our last days on earth.”.

“(The West) thinks that nuclear power can sustain defeat. A badly wounded bear will come out of its den and die slowly. But a bear with nuclear missiles cannot die slowly.”.

“I have a shadow of a doubt. The only thing you can count on is that on each side, you take things to their breaking point to scare people and tell the other, ‘Otherwise it’s a nuclear disaster. You don’t. You want it, so make some concessions.'”.

Another day on Russian TV

Maxim Yusin said that a nuclear disaster could be “days or a week” away, so “people should have fun, because it would be a shame to live the rest of the time in despair.” pic.twitter.com/lfPDue1z2i

— Francis Scarr (@francis_scarr) September 30, 2022

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