Volodymyr Zhelensky went to the town of Bautza, on the outskirts of Q, where civilians were massacred.

Most candidates spoke.

Asked about War in Ukraine As a Republican, not a candidate, Emmanuel Macron Reacted To the massacre of civilians in the city of Bautza. He said to himself “Positive” The EU has decided to impose new sanctions on Russia, referring to oil and coal. “The scenes are unbearable. We are all shocked. “He announced. “There are clear signs of war crimes” In the small town of Boutcha, it is “It is very certain that it is the Russian army.” The man who was there, Mr. France Inter’s microphone. Added Macron. “International justice must be done, so those responsible for these crimes must be held accountable.”Said the President.

Marine Le PenThe RN presidential candidate told BFM-TV and RMC: “Once a civilian is massacred without protection, it covers the definition of war crimes.” “This is clearly a war crime.” And “At all costs, there should be an urgent inquiry by the UN and the International Criminal Court. [TPI]. These facts are unacceptable, it is a real barbarism and those responsible for it, frankly, must first be severely reprimanded morally and diplomatically.And m.Me Pen. The day before, she had called “Establishes UN Responsibilities”.

To Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchonWill be “Do not forget or forgive” For these atrocities. “The Russian military’s crimes against the Ukrainians in Putsa are pure murderous barbarism.”He has been rated as a “rebellious” candidate for his part. “Russian authorities must respond.”He tweeted.

In France Info, Eric Zemmer Questions were raised about the massacre in the Ukrainian city of Putza. “If Vladimir Putin were in front of you tomorrow morning, what would you say to him?”He was asked. “I will tell him that it is disgusting, criminal and disgraceful and that it tarnishes the image of his country. This is a terrible crime. This is an unbearable crime, it is a despicable crime, but, in addition, according to him, it really tarnishes the image of Russia. I do not understand “The far-right candidate lamented before insisting: “I said from the beginning: The Russians are capable of committing the worst atrocities in war.”

Fabian Russell Revealed on Twitter: “Faced with horror and barbarism in Ukraine, how can these torture and brief executions not be shocking? It is important that the International Criminal Court can investigate, judge and condemn. The facts are very serious.”

“These pictures are unbearable”Reacts to Republican nominee, Valerie BegressAbout Scenes of massacres in the vicinity of Q.And Ukraine. “Russian authorities must be taken into account”She said on RTL’s microphone. “Peace must return, but justice must be done. ⁇

“We are not helpless in the face of these atrocities. The only way to force Vladimir Putin into a ceasefire is to stop importing gas and Russian oil at the end of these atrocities.”Environmental candidate for the presidential election responded in France 2, Yanik Jodot. “We can not be angry, at the same time we give Putin $ 800 million every day, so we need this ban.”, He insisted. According to him, Putin a “War criminal”, “That means he and his oligarchy must answer for their crimes in the International Criminal Court.”.

“Images # Butza massacre Are unsustainable. Raw horror and horror. These crimes have for years dug a bloody divide between two fraternal peoples. Below all nationalisms and all imperialist wars! In Ukraine, Mali or the Middle East! ⁇Has tweeted that Natalie Orthod.

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Anne Hidalco Also revealed on Twitter: “The massacre of civilians on #Boutcha by Putin’s military is a war crime. The action of Europe and France must be strengthened: stop paying for the gas of shame and increase the supply of defense weapons to the Ukrainian people. ⁇

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