Volodymyr Zelensky welcomes EU sanctions, but calls them too late

Ban on Russian energy: After oil, the EU restricts gas

After struggling to agree to an oil embargo against Moscow, the European Union on Tuesday hesitated to consider sanctions targeting Russian gas. Sixth Obstacles Collection “There is a big step forward. I think we need to retire now.”Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cruz said this on the second day of a summit of EU leaders and government in Brussels.

Twenty-seven leaders reached an agreement on Monday evening that could cut Russian oil imports by 90% by the end of this year in order to dry up funding for the Moscow-led war in Ukraine. . “It simply came to our notice then (R). Gas is very complex. So this is an important step. Let’s stop there for now and see what the impact is. ”Mr. De Crowe pleaded.

In terms of penalties, “The big part about energy is in the space and it works”Ursula van der Leyen, head of the European Commission, now shows other priorities. “It is my opinion that now we have set up the structure of the energy elements, targeting the economic and financial sectors.” Of Russia. The oil embargo required a month-long negotiation to resolve problems that depend on Russian imports from the two landlocked countries of Hungary and Slovakia.

“Two months ago, no one thought Russian oil sanctions were possible (…) That’s why this 6e The collection is historically significant “, Welcomed by French President Emmanuel Macron. Regarding gas activities, “We should not exclude anything because no one knows how things will turn out.”He added.

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“We need to talk about a 7e Sanctions as the situation in Ukraine does not improve. But gas is harder than oil. “Underlined 7e Minister of Estonia Gaja Gallos. “Gas should be part of the seventh package, but I’m realistic too, I do not think it will be.”She clarified.

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