Volodymyr Zelensky reaffirmed that the missile that landed in Poland was not Ukrainian.

The report states that Turkey is becoming a transit route for Russian oil exports to the EU

Russia makes less money from its fossil fuel exports, but Turkey is becoming a transit route for Russian oil exports to the European Union (EU). “wrong” Of the sanctions, the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research warns rapport Published on Wednesday.

According to the document, Russia collected 21 billion euros from its fossil fuel exports in October, down 7% from September and the lowest since the start of the Ukraine invasion. Revenues declined for all commodities except liquefied natural gas. Export revenue to the EU fell by 14% to 7.5 billion.

With a few exceptions, the European Union has decided to phase out imports of petroleum and petroleum products. It has already ended its coal purchases, but Russian gas, on which it is heavily dependent, is not currently a concern. Authors to be presented at COP27 warn, however: “A new route for Russian oil to the EU emerges through Turkey, where most Russian crude is refined. »

Turkey has actually increased its crude oil imports from Russia since its invasion of Ukraine. Turkey’s exports of petroleum products to European and US ports rose 85% in September-October compared to the July-August period, the report details. “This loophole will become critical as the EU bans crude oil imports from Russia on December 5”Underlines the CREA.

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