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9:44 am: Ukraine wants to capture Snake Island

Beyond the various security systems set up by Russia to control bombings on the island taken at the start of the war, Russian defense chief Pierre Grosser explains that the Russian defense is “critical to counter the removal of Ukrainian commandos on the island.” From the night of May 7 to 8, Kiev is an expert who has already tried once. The commandos were destroyed.

On Friday, Ukrainians said they had fired a missile at a Russian submarine with an anti-aircraft system near the island. On Twitter, naval issues expert security analyst HI Sutton believes that “these buildings are being used to provide the island” which is “of strategic importance. It is not just a pebble, it is a territory. Recalled.

The island is actually located at the mouth of the Danube, one of the most important rivers in Europe and the commercial artery of the continent. Whoever controls it can target that blowpipe. It could also be a base for firing on Odessa or Romania. Finally, there are hydrocarbon deposits nearby.

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