Vladimir Putin underwent surgery for cancer: what do we know

Rumors about Vladimir Putin’s health continue to grow. This week, the New York Post exacerbated them by saying that the Russian president is going to have surgery to treat cancer.

The information was taken from the channel of the Telegram social network called General SVR. It is headed by a former senior Russian foreign intelligence officer nicknamed Viktor Mikhailovich.

According to this source, “Evolution Disease Progressing “, without knowing exactly what it is. Stomach or thyroid problems progress.

However, this information should be taken with caution. The New York Post Warns that no independent verification can be carried out, the material is highly sensitive and protected in the Kremlin. Moscow has also categorically denied that Vladimir Putin has any illness.

Will it be replaced by a relative soon?

However, the Telegram General SVR channel says that Vladimir Putin should soon hand over his power and perform surgery (date not specified).

During and shortly after his surgery, he was to be handed over to Nikolai Badrushev. He is a close associate of the former KGB, FSP and former head of the Federal Police.

At age 70, he is now secretary of the Russian Security Council, an organization directly involved with the president in military and security issues. According to the source, he will take the order “for a maximum of two to three days”.

Suggestions in confusion are mentioned

Other sources make it clear that the practice was criticized as shameful. According to a report by the Russian intelligence media program (Proekt, in Russian), he has increased his consultation with his doctor in recent years (about thirty times). He would have returned to traditional medicine without hope (which is the question of deer bleeding).

Western spies reportedly said he was suffering from a brain disorder Parkinson’s disease Or by “Rage Royd”, the effect of steroid treatment against cancer. Again, this information should be taken with proper caution.

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