Vladimir Putin: Leukemia, Parkinson’s … What if the Russian president dies?

Vladimir Putin received treatment for “advanced stage” cancer in April 2022, according to US intelligence.

Vladimir Putin’s health is at the center of many speculations. Leukemia, Parkinson’s disease and Syndrome de Habris, Rumors abound. If the 69-year-old Russian president dies, one thing is for sure: the consequences will be severe.

Who can replace Vladimir Putin?

“If my theory goes through, I think Putin will disappear from power by 2023. He will disappear from a health center, from which he will not emerge as Russia’s leader,” said Sir Richard Dierlov, a former British director in particular. Intelligence (MI-6) 1999 to 2004, “An End” on the podcastThe absence of a formal successor to succeed in power makes this situation worth assessing in the long run.

According to Dearlow, the best person to replace him, Nikolai Badrushev, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Speculation about the Russian president’s successor has recently been strengthened, especially with the assassination attempt against Putin. In this case, we should not expect a drastic change in policy. According to US intelligenceHe was also the one who encouraged Vladimir Putin to continue his invasion of Ukraine.

“Putin’s thinking was initially very hard on Badrushev’s. The latter was outrageous against conservatism and liberalism. They are now united against the United States. Mediapart Russian political scientist Tatiana Stanovaya.

However, in the event of death, according to Article 92 of the Russian Constitution, the interim will be confirmed by the Prime Minister – at peace time during the war. In the event of a permanent incapacity of the President, the Prime Minister will reaffirm the interim, where Michael Mykostin, but for a maximum of three months, elections should be held to elect a new head of state. .

Already, Russia has one more constitution. According to Article 92 of the Constitution, in the event of a temporary suspension of the President (even during war), his interim is guaranteed by the Prime Minister: auj. Michael Mycostine. 2/9https://t.co/CmV8t9LC15

– Anna Colin Lepadev (colinlebedev) May 29, 2022

He reminded that in case of permanent incapacity of the President, the Prime Minister would reaffirm the interim, but for a maximum of three months, elections would have to be held to elect a new Head of State. Stone slab.

Another person was named: Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was one of the first to announce the intention to launch an invasion of Ukraine.

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What was the impact of the war?

Among the Ukraine war and other burning issues that Vladimir Putin is leaving him, his successor must work for him by any means.

“The president’s death could effectively destabilize the troops in Ukraine for a few days, and Zhelensky’s army may be capable of conducting serious counter – attacks,” says Julian Grant, assistant editor. Swiss Military Magazine.

It is currently difficult to change the direction of the conflict in Ukraine after Putin’s death.

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