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Starz Coffee opened in Moscow to replace US Starbucks

Starz Coffee, the Russian chain that replaces the US group of Starbucks coffees in Russia after it pulled out due to conflict in Ukraine, opened its first restaurant in Moscow on Friday. “Why the stars? Because the new brand brings together the stars of the gastronomic industry.Explain Russian rapper Timati and restaurateur Anton Pinsky, who bought 130 Starbucks restaurants in Russia in late July, in a press release.

Unlike McDonald’s “Vkousno i totchka” version, June kicked off with great fanfare, Starz Coffee did not make a big advertising campaign to open its first restaurant, in the heart of the capital of the Russian Federation. A casual official ceremony was held on Thursday evening for a handful of celebrities and a handful of journalists.

According to the owners, all of the chain’s restaurants are slated to open in Russia by the end of September.

Starbucks, which temporarily closed 130 of its locations in Russia after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, announced its decision to leave the country permanently at the end of May. The American chain opened its first restaurant in Russia in 2007.

After the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine and the imposition of economic sanctions, major Western companies came under great pressure to distance themselves from Moscow.

After more than thirty years in Russia, with nearly 850 restaurants, McDonald’s announced in mid-May. He left the country and resold his operations, but not the brand name, to a Russian businessman. French carmaker Renault is leading the country with its revived Lada brand. Its share transferred its assets to the Russian state.

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