Ukrainian soldiers were accused of executing Russian prisoners

For the second time since the February 24 Russian invasion, Ukrainian forces have been accused of executing enemy prisoners and, therefore, a potential war crime. The revelation was used by the Russian Ministry of Defense on Friday, November 18, when the first evidence of a row that occurred a few days earlier appeared in the Luhansk region.

Since then, Moscow has not eased the pressure. The Kremlin made the pledge on Monday “Find and [de] to punish” Russian soldiers are responsible for the death of the group. The Investigative Committee announced the launch of an investigation and the names of Ukrainian soldiers were presented by bloggers, as well as a section of 80e Assault brigade of the Ukrainian army.

Russian media refer to routine executions on the part of the Ukrainian military, ensuring that international organizations turn a blind eye in an equally routine way. However, a representative of the United Nations Human Rights Office on Friday called on Kyiv to investigate. “Fast, thorough and efficient”Ensuring that the UN takes care of the available elements.

Real videos

These elements seem like a puzzle, taken from scattered videos, which show the Ukrainian army recapturing the village of Makivka on November 12. Two videos in particular are challenging. The first, filmed by a Ukrainian soldier, shows a group of Russian soldiers surrendering as they emerge from a partially destroyed farm, one by one falling to the ground under machine-gun fire. A second video, this time taken by a drone, shows the same group of soldiers lying in a pool of blood. At least eleven men are said to have been killed; In at least two cases, the guns appear to have been fired to the head.

The authenticity of these parts is not in the slightest doubt, it was confirmed on Monday An investigation The New York Times. But the newspaper points out that the conclusion of the first video complicates the Russian account of the summary execution, as do other independent sources who have seen the episode. We see the last Russian soldier leaving the farm following his comrades. But he had no hands; He seems to be holding a gun and you can clearly see the smoke of a shot coming out of it. The video stops at the moment the shot is taken and is perfectly audible, perhaps because the soldier dropped his phone while filming.

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