Twenty people were killed in the Russian attack on the French city of Kharkiv, which helped with 300 million euros

Update the situation at the ground in the afternoon

The Russian army entered the Ukrainian border exactly three weeks ago, and after advancing on several fronts, the lines were stabilized. “Russian forces have not carried out large-scale attacks since March 4”Briefly by former soldier and historian Michael Goya On his Twitter account. The U.S. intelligence and security services have a similar observation: a stagnant development, and therefore the massive use of missiles. According to the cited sources New York TimesRussia has reportedly fired more than 980 missiles since the war began.

The bomb shelter at the Mariupol Theater has not been destroyed, and the number is still uncertain. The theater, which had been under siege for sixteen days in the city center, was bombed by a Russian plane on Wednesday, the town hall said. The three-story building was completely destroyed but the bomb shelter, In which “Over a thousand” The public sought refugeAccording to two Ukrainian MPs, this is the case. Said Sergei Daruda on his Facebook page “People are coming out alive”, Could not give exact figures.

The city council said it had been searching for the rubble since Thursday morning. Russia denies bombing the area and blames the Azov Regiment, a far-right Ukrainian organization. She had already denied responsibility for the attack on a maternity hospital. Human Rights Watch said Wednesday “Dismiss the possibility of a Ukrainian military target in the theater area, but we know that at least 500 civilians are staying in the theater.”.

The besieged and bombed for sixteen days without any lasting humanitarian aid, the great port of southern Ukraine has suffered unimaginable devastation to its citizens. They will be 300,000 more to survive the horrific situation. The world By telephone on Wednesday, the two evicted residents were able to be contacted. One of them said:

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“Today, Mariupol is an open hell. The whole neighborhood was destroyed. ⁇

Curfew ordered in Q, air strikes in Kharkiv. The Russian military has been using similar tactics for weeks in an attempt to seize control of Ukraine’s second-largest city, where at least 500 people have been killed since February 24 – a series of sieges and a series of artillery attacks – by local authorities. “We are facing a huge loss, 53 Citizens were killed yesterday.Governor Vyacheslav Sass said the estimate could not be verified independently.

The curfew order, which had been in effect in the capital since Tuesday evening, was relaxed on Thursday morning. A few hours ago, a woman was killed when the wreckage of a missile fell on a residential building. In the northwest, fighting continues from time to time in Irfin, Bautza and Hostomal.

On March 17 in Kiev, a man cries near the body of his mother who was killed in an intercepted missile attack on a residential building.

Human number. The UN says nearly 700 civilians have been killed and more than 1,110 wounded since the war began. But these figures are hard to verify, especially when ground fighting or bombings are still taking place in the UN. Emphasizes the fact that his daily ratings are much lower than reality.

Since the start of the war, the Ukrainian president has issued an official statement that 1,300 soldiers have been killed, while Russia has issued a single statement on March 2: 498 soldiers have been killed. The US military estimates that the actual casualties of the Russian military are about 7,000 troops. According to New York Times.

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