Turkey. Power was once again riddled with scandal

On August 29, police arrested a man suspected of trying to leave the country illegally by sea in the southwestern Turkish city of Milas. He is not a Left activist or Urdish activist or member. Among the Gülen Brotherhood, many of them try to reach the Greek islands among Afghan or Syrian refugees in search of a better life in Europe. Ünsal Ban, a former rector of Turkey’s Aeronautical University and vice president of the ruling Islamic-nationalist party AKP, whose wedding was celebrated by the president. Recep Tayyip Erdogan in person

What is the value of the Ansal prohibition to be thus handcuffed and detained? It is suspected that he passed on the information to a person known to everyone in Turkey The godfather of the underworld is Chad Becker. Formerly close to power, this disgraced far-right mafioso took refuge in the United Arab Emirates, from where he has been multiplying his explosive manifestations since last year (kidnappings, assassinations, drug trafficking, etc.).

Sedat Peker’s latest charges relate to a corruption network targeting Turkish companies seeking to go public. President Erdoğan’s adviser has been sacked. Another resigned Health reason. As for the AKP MP, she is crying for slander and her own husband’s setup. The mafioso also targeted his brother as director of the Capital Markets Council, the public body responsible for regulating the stock market.

Punishment for ballot boxes?

A few resignations, which are many guilty pleas, are not enough. A brave prosecutor must stop these bandits from taking over the state. But justice is at the behest of authority. Deputy Prosecutor Sevda Erdan of the main opposition CHP has condemned Kilic. He asked in vain for a parliamentary inquiry into these many allegations.

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Failing that, he hopes to get approval at the ballot box during presidential and legislative elections in the spring of 2023: As the country sinks Economic crisis [inflation à 80 %]It is doubtful whether the electorate will appreciate the fact that millions of youth are unemployed and the powerful and those close to it are looting the country and getting rich.According to a recent poll, more than 70% of Turks trust Cedat Bekker, who has promised new revelations, and more polls show the AKP and Erdogan defeated.

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