Tropical Storm Fiona: Watch intensified in Martinique

The weather in Martinique is deteriorating and the effects of the storm are becoming increasingly noticeable. The alert level changes from yellow to orange for heavy rain and thunderstorms. It remains yellow for wave-sinking.

Tropical Storm Fiona is located at the gates of the Guadalupe Archipelago, approaching La Desirade. According to Météo France, its “The center should cross Guadalupe Friday afternoon and early Friday through Saturday night“. The sister island is now under red warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms, and orange for high winds and waves-submergence.

Martinique is far from the most severe consequences created by Fiona“, meteorologists note. Good news, but it does not mean that the island will not feel anything. Also, the level of alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms has changed from yellow to orange. It remains yellow for waves – drowning.

This system is producing heavy rain and thunderstorms through Sunday morning. The heaviest of this rain-storm episode will occur Friday night into Saturday and most of the day on Saturday. Also, it is feared that this storm will bring strong winds of 70 to 80 km per hour near the rains. Sea conditions worsened as the storm passed.

30 to 50 mm of rain is expected in 3 hours this Friday, September 16. More marked accumulations of 50 to 80mm are expected in the 3 hours from evening to Saturday.

On both sides of the Atlantic and the Caribbean, storm surges are deepening seas.
“Fiona is driving a dynamic swell from the northeast to the Atlantic coast, with average troughs of 3m to 3m50 expected through Saturday afternoon.“.

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otherwise,”In response to this event, the wind shifts southward and causes unusual turbulence along the Caribbean coast. Average troughs of 0 m 60 to 1 m 20 are expected from next night onwards“.

The sea gradually recedes from Sunday.

20 to 30 mm of rain fell in 12 hours.
Average 3m10 troughs of 10 to 13 seconds duration were recorded by the Basse-Pointe wave recorder.

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