Three questions about the last green light Turkey provided for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

Green light, but at what cost? After several weeks of negotiations, Turkey lifted its veto on the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO on Tuesday, June 28th. The announcement was made ahead of the summit ISystem The North Atlantic Treaty in Madrid is dedicated to Ukraine, during which the accession process of the two Nordic countries will begin. Ankara has so far been charged Stockholm and Helsinki are home to militants from the PKK, a Kurdish organization that considers Turkey an organization. “Terrorist”. Descriptions.

1Why is Turkey blocking Sweden and Finland from joining NATO?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused the two countries of harboring members. PKK, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The PKK, which campaigns for the independence of Turkish Kurdistan, has been classified as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union, but not by Sweden or Finland. Stockholm has received many political refugees since the 1980s. “Many of these are suspected by Turkey to be PKK militants,” he said. Elise Masicard, an expert on the political sociology of contemporary Turkey, explained in May. France24.

After all, Ankara accused the two countries of not recognizing anything for the past five years. Demands for the deportation of people accused of belonging to terrorist organizations, especially supporters of Preacher Fethullah Gulen, suspected of involvement in the July 2016 coup attempt. Finally, the Turkish president demanded.Turkey has imposed arms embargoes on Sweden, Finland and many other countries in 2019 following Ankara’s offensive against Kurdish militants in Syria.

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2What benefits does Ankara have?

“Turkey got what it wanted”That is to say “Full cooperation” The Nordic countries against the PKK and its allies, the Turkish president said in a statement. In fact, Sweden and Finland have signed up A memorandum* Tripartite, in which they are involved “We must fully support Turkey against threats to national security.”. The two countries, which have made numerous concessions to Ankara, particularly affirm it And P.K.K. Is a terrorist organization“And carry on “Fight against PKK activities”.

Sweden and Finland also promise to keep “A handover agreement with Turkey” And study “Quickly and completely (…) Requests for deportation or deportation from Turkey are pending. “Given that they have to be respected “European agreements”European news site reports Politics*. Both countries promise “do not help” Civil Defense Force (YPG), a movement affiliated with Kurdish militants in Syria or Fethullah Gülen, Fetö. Ankara also announced on Wednesday its intention to ask Finland and Sweden to deport 33 people.

3What are the reactions to this agreement?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the agreement and said the organization would send it “A message to President Putin”Releases Bloomberg*. He added that if the Russian head of state “Wants less from NATO, finally has more within its borders”. The United States has welcomed the cancellation of Turkey’s veto. For British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the two Nordic countries will form a coalition “Strong and secure”.

Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Anderson, praised “The most important step for NATO”. But many angry reactions were heard in his country. The deal is particularly worrying for the country’s 100,000-strong Kurdish community. “Government sacrifices Swedish Kurds for membership in NATO”, Socialist Vice President Linda Sneaker was thus slandered The world.

Le President Finnish, Sauli NiinistöSeems to be expecting negative reactions, meanwhile confirmed in a Report* Despite the agreement, “Finland naturally acts in accordance with its national law”, Especially in matters “Counter-Terrorism, Arms Export and Delivery”.

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