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Moscow’s anti-Russian radio Echo is raising its voice again

Blocked in Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the radio station Eko Moskvy (“Echo of Moscow”) Broadcasting from Berlin resumed in protest “propaganda” The rule of Vladimir Putin.

Following the inward turn of the screw that came with the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Identical Station, like other independent Russian media outlets, was announced in early March. Some of its members managed to reach other countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia and Germany.

This particularly won the assistant editor, Maxim Kournikov, 38, Berlin and managed to create an accessible audio stream in an app. “It works like a radio”He explained to Agence France-Presse about this new medium, called Echo And whose broadcast began on Monday.

Success was immediate, according to its designer, who claims it is one of the most downloaded applications in Russia. Moscow authorities tried to stop it a few days later, but to no avail.

And Website And both Telegram channels are part of the new program, which is accessible through the app in Russia, and which does not require switching to a VPN to avoid blocking sites. “We want to give our readers and listeners a complete picture of what is happening in Russia”Kournikov explains.

Mr. According to Kournikov, a total of twenty journalists are currently participating in the program. Half of the team is expected to be funded by donations, with offices and even a studio from the German capital.

But not all journalists left Russia. For example, the editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow, Alexey Venediktov, is in Russia, from where he manages the YouTube channel that is part of the new project. “It is very important for us that there are still voices in Russia”M. Kournikov insisted.

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However, he is forced to stay in Berlin for the time being. In Russia, the journalist has, in fact, condemned assault, which has become a crime punishable by imprisonment. He is a reserve officer, so he will be mobilized to participate in the war he is fighting.

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