This surfer was attacked by two sharks

Thursday, July 27, 2000. It was a beautiful winter afternoon Discover Nahoon Beach, in East London, East of South Africa. At 1 p.m., Shannon Ainsley, her older brother Brandon, and their friends reach the big red wooden bridge set over the cliff. It overlooks the beach and offers stunning views of the bay. Surfboards under their arms, the group of friends set foot on the sand of this long tree-lined beach they all know so well. Here, we like to surf together with friends.

It’s time for fun before enjoying a great session. The point is Clean. The waves are super. Some reach eight meters in height. A shot Wax On boards and friends jump into the water. Surfers line up for minutes to cross the bar. That’s it, first take off are taken. Fifteen or so young men perform maneuvers under a blue, sunny sky.

“I thought I was going to die”

After an hour of surfing, Brandon returns to take a break on the beach, and several other surfers follow suit. Shannon, then 15, was undaunted. He greets his colleagues and leaves to get himself on the wave. The South African lay on his board and grabbed his hand while paddling before being thrown into the air by two four-metre-long great white sharks. He comes face to face with two sharks in a battle to get their prey. “The second shark tried to grab me by the head and shoulder area, but it didn’t succeed”The surfer comes to mind, now 37 years old.

Surprised by the attack, Shannon didn’t understand what was happening. “I didn’t see them coming, everything happened so quickly. I had no pain, no fear, it felt like it was unreal. ยป Underwater, he finds himself face to face “Black eye…

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