Things to remember from Sunday 27th March

The question of “Neutrality” Of eastern Ukraine “I studied deeply”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made the promise in an interview with Russian media on Sunday, March 27. “This point of negotiation (…) is under discussion and is being deeply explored.”, He said in this online interview, broadcast on the Telegram Channel of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine. The question of the country’s neutrality is one of the focal points of negotiations with Russia to end the conflict. Francinefo summarizes what needs to be remembered from the developments of the day.

New talks between Ukraine and Russia are planned in Turkey

Russian and Ukrainian delegations will meet in Turkey from Monday to Wednesday for a new round of face-to-face talks, one of the Ukrainian negotiators, David Arakamiya, announced on Sunday, March 27. Vladimir Medinsky, the chief negotiator on the Russian side, cited by Russian agencies, announced that new rounds of talks would take place, but that they would take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but did not specify a location.

Paris has called for continued talks with Putin

On Sunday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called for talks to continue until Russian President Vladimir Putin realizes this. “Price to pay” His invasion of Ukraine and he wants to negotiate. Earlier, President Emmanuel Macron had warned “Increasing Words and Actions in Ukraine”After the comments of his US counterpart Joe Biden, who called Vladimir Putin “Boucher”.

Ukraine has called for the boycott of the Achan group

The Ukrainian diplomat specifically argued for the need to support the purchasing power of the Russians and called for the boycott of Achan supermarkets, which had chosen to retain their operations in Russia.

“More job losses in Russia than deaths in Ukraine”Dmytro Kouleba wrote on Twitter. “If Achan ignores the 139 Ukrainian children killed this month of the Russian invasion, we will ignore Achan and all its products.”He added “Ignore” lHe Achan, Leroy-Merlin and Decathlon stores are all owned by the Mulleys Family Association.

A referendum on independence is possible in Lugansk

Leonid Passeknik, the region’s leader, said the secessionist region of Luhansk had been recognized by Moscow, but that a referendum on joining Russia, not the international community, could be held soon. “All fraudulent ballots are invalid and illegal in temporarily occupied territories.”A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded on Twitter.

Pope Francis condemns Ukraine’s “martyrdom”

Pope Francis has condemned “Sacrificer” And “Aggression” Ukraine via Moscow. “It has been more than a month since the beginning of this brutal and senseless war and the invasion of Ukraine.”Said the pope in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican “A barbaric and cruel act” Against one “Tiyagi Ukraine”.

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