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They were part of the adventure, the macronists from the beginning, but they leave. Jean-Yves Le Drian, who was loyal from the beginning, like Jean-Michel Blanquer, is leaving the government with Marlène Schiappa.

They will not be a part of the end Of the new administrator. Some government figures, such as Jean-Michel Blanquer, sometimes have to step down against their will. Loiret, the candidate for the legislative elections, walked out of the National Education Ministry on Friday, May 20, with the sound of young singers. Media Marilyn Schiappe also resigned as Minister of State for Citizenship.

Some leave the government at their request

Like Barbara Pompeii, Minister for Environmental Change. In particular, he directed the Climate and Regression Act. Other ministers are leaving the government, but this time at their request. Like Jean-Yves Le Drian. After managing the burning issue of war, especially in Ukraine, the government’s dean is leaving the foreign ministry. Another heavyweight minister leaves his portfolio: Florence Barley, head of the Armed Forces Ministry since 2017.

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