The United States is moving to vaccinate against contact cases against monkeys

The United States is preparing to vaccinate those who have been in close contact with monkey box patients, and in a country where there are currently five possible or confirmed cases, it expects their numbers to increase. “We want to increase the supply of beneficial vaccines to those we know.”On Monday, May 23, Jennifer McWiston, in charge of the CDC, said. “That is, those who have been in contact with a known monkey box patient, caregivers, and very close personal contacts, especially those at risk of developing a serious illness of the disease.”He told a news conference.

One case has been confirmed in Massachusetts and four more are yet to be analyzed, but this is considered the most feasible (one in New York, one in Florida, two in Utah). All were men who had traveled outside the United States.

The disease, a less dangerous relative of the rash that has been ravaged for about forty years, begins with a high fever and quickly develops into a rash and scabies. These lesions are the ones that allow the disease to spread if in contact.

Two vaccine options, not without risk

In many countries, especially in Europe, the simultaneous emergence of lawsuits, unrelated to revenues from African countries where the disease has spread, has caused experts to be intrigued and anxious. U.S. officials have confirmed that the sequence of the virus found in Massachusetts is similar to that of a patient identified in Portugal, and that less than two percent of the virus in circulation is in West Africa.

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Most sufferers recover spontaneously within two to four weeks without specific treatment. But US officials are still preparing an answer. Two vaccines against measles approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be used. First, ACAM2000, a live attenuated vaccine, is not recommended for people with immunodeficiency. There is a 100 million dose in the United States.

Due to side effects “Possible Remarkable”Will require its large-scale distribution “Real debate”, Said Jennifer McWiston. Second, ginseng, a live but non-replicated vaccine, is therefore considered safe. There are only 1,000 doses in the United States, but that number should be “Will increase rapidly in the coming weeks”According to the manager.

According to him, data show that these two vaccines can help prevent the development of the disease if administered quickly after exposure. He also stressed that the risk of pollution is generally low for the population.

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