The Supreme Court ruling is the culmination of fifty years of attacks on abortion

Rowe V. Wade fell. The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday, June 24, overturned a landmark judgment of 1973 that guaranteed the right to abortion at the federal level, i.e. throughout the United States. A 213 page document*, A majority of six judges out of nine (all conservatives) believe it “LThere is no mention of abortion in the constitution and none of its articles implicitly protect this right. “” It is time to return the issue of abortion to the elected representatives of the people. “ In each state congress, the judges say at the end of their decision.

The layoffs, which have been expected for months, are not surprising. But for American women it is a real quake: in the absence of Rowe V. Wade warns that half of the 50 states will ban or severely restrict voluntary abortion. Goodmaker Company*.

“This has been the goal of anti-abortion activists since the 1973 ruling recognizing abortion as a constitutional right.”, Condemned Ianthe Metzger, communications director of the United States Planned Parenthood Federation (PPFA). FranceInfo describes these five decades of attacks against abortion in the United States.

Protect or Prohibit Abortion: A Nation Now Cut in Two

The reversal of the Supreme Court was expected several months later. “By agreeing to talk about the Mississippi law prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy [alors que la plus haute juridiction américaine n’a aucune obligation de se saisir d’une affaire], Judges have shown that they are not going to defend their 1973 judiciary. “ Ianthe Metzger explains to franceinfo. Women’s rights lawyers warned of a deep rift in the country immediately after Rowe was ousted. Wade.

The consequences of this historic decision will be felt immediately as each state can now decide its own abortion law. A dozen abortions have been completely banned since the court handed down its verdict on Friday. New York Times*.

From the data Center for Reproductive Rights* And you Goodmaker Company*, We can currently divide the 50 U.S. states into three categories: first, whose law protects the right to abortion, recognizing this practice within the same or equivalent period as Rowe. Wade (who set the threshold for fetal fidelity at 24 weeks of gestation); Prohibiting abortion or drastically reducing the legal time limit; Finally, the three states that did not accept the text openly defended this right, but did not ban all of them.

Nearly half of all U.S. states are affected by restrictions or the right to abortion. In anticipation of the Supreme Court’s reversal, 13 of them agreed Trigger barriers In recent years, details New York Times*. These laws prohibiting abortion will come into force automatically after Rowe is overthrown. Wade, some from June 24 and others in the next few days.

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In other states, court rulings allow for the re-use of text that has been suspended by justice. Some of these laws were in effect before the 1973 ruling, while others were passed in recent years, prohibiting abortion after six weeks (many pregnancies below that are still unknown) in Ohio.

But the list of “hostile” states for abortion could still develop. Montana and Indiana, for example, will ban the practice in the coming months, according to the Guttmacher Institute. The governor of Nebraska has promised similar action. In this conservative situation, abortion is legal up to 20 weeks, but with restrictions on certain procedures from the second trimester onwards. Goodmaker Company*.

The United States Planned Parenthood Association is also concerned about the situation in Virginia and New Hampshire, two states that have not publicly enacted legislation that explicitly protects the right to abortion. “The current governor of Virginia is anti-abortion and in recent years efforts have been made in New Hampshire to pass laws restricting this right. Point Ianthe Metzger. However, we hope that New Mexico will soon pass legislation to guarantee this right. “

Fifty years of anti-abortion laws

So the Supreme Court ruling is not the first step to the right to abortion. Between the 1973 ruling and May 2022, nearly 1,400 laws attacking abortion were passed in various states of the United States. Goodmaker Company*. This figure includes Trigger barriersBut laws that have been suspended by justice and the text restrict women’s actual ability to perform abortions by imposing additional restrictions on them (such as the period of reflection).

GoodMatcher notes that nearly half of those laws were passed in the last decade. This trend was further accelerated in late 2020, when Donald Trump appointed Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court. With that, the country’s Supreme Court now has six of the nine conservative judges. Those with the vast majority “Encouraged Republican state lawmakers to be more aggressive in their attacks on abortion rights.”Mary Ziegler, a historian who specializes in reproductive rights at Florida State University, underscores franceinfo.

In 2021 alone, 108 laws restricting the right to abortion were passed in 19 US states. Goodmaker Company*. And 2022 could be even worse. Depending on the system*: From January 1 to May 25, 42 books on abortion have already been signed by the governors of eleven conservative states. At the end of May, Oklahoma became the first US state to ban abortion after pregnancy, reports NPR National Radio*.

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Many barriers to abortion …

Except Ro V. Wade, another Supreme Court ruling creates the right to abortion: Planned Parent v. Casey. Since 1992, this decision prohibits the creation of states “Heavy load” For women who want to terminate their pregnancy (for example, they need to get their spouse’s agreement). This ruling, on the other hand, empowers the various legislatures to set the conditions for abortion, underlining Center for Reproductive Rights*.

“Casey led a whole series of actions against the planned parents that were not found to be unconstitutional, but in fact it restricts access to abortion.”

Ianthe Metzger, Director of Communications at PPFA

at franceinfo

Among these barriers to abortion, it is mandatory to wait 24 to 72 hours between the first consultation with the doctor and the procedure. Twenty-seven states need this cooling period, yet The World Health Organization (WHO) is deemed unnecessary and stigmatized ahead of Friday’s Supreme Court ruling. Goodmaker Company*. Twenty-eight physicians were forced to provide some information to their patients, “With the intention of encouraging them and sometimes with false claims”, Condemns Ianthe Metzger. They also demanded to know the consent of the parents of 36 girls who want to end their pregnancy.

Click the drop-down menu at the top of the map to read the different criteria.

Another ban on abortion: Physicians in 18 states are banned from prescribing abortion pills during telecommunications consultations. The use of this drug, which is used to terminate pregnancy in the first weeks after conception, has increased drastically in the United States in recent years. By 2020, the abortion pill accounted for 54% of all abortions performed in the country. Goodmaker Company*.

In states where access to abortion is very limited, for many women it is a cheaper and less invasive option. Its use grew especially during the Govit-19 epidemic, when the US Drug Enforcement Agency approved its drugs during online consultations. But the abortion pill now indicates a new target for anti-abortion drugs New York Times*.

… This led to strong inequalities across the country

Long before the Supreme Court turned upside down, these barriers to effectively restricting access to abortion had created strong differences between states. In 2017, the abortion rate per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 in Wyoming was just 1.3. On the other hand, it was 30.2 in the federal capital, Washington, according to statistics. Goodmaker Company*.

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These access difficulties forced many American women to travel outside the borders of their state for abortion. In Missouri or Mississippi, only one clinic offers this procedure. In Idaho, there are only three, while neighboring Oregon and the state of Washington [dans l’Ouest du pays] There are many more centers “, Emphasizes family planning Ianthe Metzger. For those who live in Idaho, traveling to these two states is often easier and faster.

In 2017, nearly a third (30.73%) had an abortion outside of Idaho, according to the newspaper. The Lancet*. The share of abortions performed outside the resident state reached a record 50.81% this year in Mississippi, 56.14% in Missouri and 74.4% in Wyoming. In contrast, in California in 2017 only 0.11% of abortions were performed out of state.

V. by knocking down Rowe. VAT by the Supreme Court, will now be converted into full territories “Anti-abortion deserts”, Warns Ianthe Metzger. In these areas, the average distance to reach an abortion center is estimated to increase from 53 to 453 kilometers. New York Times*. The study found that a quarter of women who want to have an abortion will abandon the procedure. Specific question: the cost and time required for such a trip, barred to the most modest Americans.

Even the rich risk is lost on subsidies created by “sanctuary states” to protect abortion. According to CNN*, Missouri lawmakers are considering a number of bills to sue women who perform abortions outside the area or those who assist them in the process.

“Missouri will not be the only state trying to regulate what’s happening outside its borders.”

Mary Ziegler, historian


Family planning in the face of this new threat offers the same solution Designed by Joe Biden on Twitter* Early May. “We have to vote for pro-abortion candidates in the midterm elections in November. Hammer Ianthe Metzger. This is the only way to give the Federal Congress the power to legislate to protect the right to abortion across the country. “

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