The story of Le Figaro’s special correspondent

Report – Russian troops kill and burn dead fleeing civilians before abandoning Q’s suburbs. They also hid traps in the corpses.

Special Envoy of Irbine

A man and a woman join the priest in the ruined tomb. They did not say their names and were nowhere to be seen except in the fog. But give this story: “Twenty days after our friend died he was in a nearby forestThe girl starts. She wears a blue ribbon around her arm from the Territorial Defense, a civilian group that helps the Ukrainian military. “In 2014, he was already armed To fight with the Russians, In the separatist area of ​​Donbass. He had a leg injury and almost had his leg amputated“, She wants to testify as if she were paying homage to him.”It is only two years since he started a normal life: he walks in again and gets married. Then the war broke out. He returned to the fight. He died on March 8S.

Until April 2, the Ukrainian army refused to retrieve his body: before leaving the suburbs of Kiev, the Russians left traps on the bodies …

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