The sheep have been wandering around for twelve days and the mystery may be solved


Strange phenomenon in Inner Mongolia, China. For more than ten days several dozen sheep have been turning in a perfect circle. Some scientists hypothesize contamination with listeriosis

It has been twelve days since today. Dozens of goats roam around the city of Baotou in China’s Inner Mongolia region. A perfectly drawn circle would never fail to question this curious behavior.

The pictures, especially in infrared at night and a report by Chinese media outlet People’s Daily, will send shivers down your spine.

British media “Metro” He also investigated this mystery. Some of the sheep started to turn round before the others joined them, owner Mrs Miao explains to this newspaper.

The same medium invites vets to try to explain this curious dance. They hypothesized contamination with listeriosis. According to the French Ministry of Agriculture, this bacterium can actually cause “neurological disorders” or “walking disorders.” The beginning of the explanation?

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