The setbacks of the cargo ship “Razoni” cast doubt on the lifting of the Russian blockade in the Black Sea.

It was supposed to be a humanitarian victory: Ukrainian grain that broke a five-month Russian naval blockade to deliver to the Middle East and Africa. But the reasonable, the armada’s first ship, cast doubt on the resumption of sea traffic to and from Ukraine. boat, 1 left the port of OdessaThere is AugustThanks to the tripartite agreement between Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations, and its charterer is actually facing a serious business setback, which may be shared by dozens of grain traders who have left in its wake.

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On the evening of Wednesday 10 August, the Sierra Leonean-flagged cargo ship made its first port of call in Mersin, Turkey, after four days of circumnavigation in the Cyprus Sea. Only 5% of the 26,527 tons of corn is delivered to the Turkish buyer. The reasonable In principle, it would have to go back to sea to unload its remaining cargo in Egypt, Turkish transport company Doros Logistics Cargo told Reuters. This is only a guess, because Toros only took care of the delivery to the port of Mersin.

“Quality Problem”

All was going well until the grain farmer crossed the Phosphorus and entered the Aegean Sea. A welcome group organized by the Ukrainian Embassy in Lebanon awaited the ship at the port of Tripoli on August 7 for a communication activity aimed at grain buyers and the public. But the ship’s original buyer, a Lebanese company, suddenly failed despite the country’s urgent need for grain.

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After days of uncertainty, the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon finally issued a press release saying the five-month delay between grain loading and delivery – due to the blockade. “Induces the buyer and the shipper to agree to cancel the order”. The buyer, initially interested, suddenly discovered a delay in delivery while the world’s attention focused on the boat. Rumors abounded, particularly that Russian pressure might be exerted on the Lebanese buyer.

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“I don’t think it’s political pressure. The description is further below »explains to Monde Andrey Sizov, SovEcon’s consultant and expert on grain markets around the Black Sea. “It was a problem with the quality of corn that was in the ship’s hold for five months, whereas the maximum delay is one month. Maize deteriorates rapidly, mycotoxins build up and render the commodity unfit for consumption, even if it is intended for livestock feed, but not for humans. Perhaps a sample has already been taken? » Before leaving the waters of the Black Sea, the reasonable studied jointly by the Turks and the Russians, according to the Tripartite Agreement.

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