The Russian Defense Ministry says the Moscow ship sank

The demolition of the iconic building is a major obstacle for the Russian military, while Ukrainian officials say it was hit by ship missiles.

Ship MoscowThe first Russian naval base in the Black Sea, which was damaged during the offensive against Ukraine, sank, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Thursday evening, April 14.

When the ship was towing Moscow to the target port, the ship lost its stability due to fire damage caused by the explosion of ammunition. The ship sank in the fury of the seaThe ministry said this was quoted by the state agency TASS.

Ukraine claims to have been hit by missiles

This 186 meter long missile ship “Badly damagedThe Russian Defense Ministry announced last night that more than 500 of its personnel had to be evacuated due to the fire that caused the explosives to explode. He later said the fire was contained Thursday morning and the explosions had stopped. “Cruiser Moscow retains its buoyancyHe had said.

Ukrainian officials said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a Russian Black Sea Fleet based in Sevastopol, Crimea. “Neptune missiles to protect the Black Sea caused great damage to this Russian shipPromised to Maxim Marchenko, governor of the Odessa region in the Black Sea. His comments were confirmed by Serguiï Bratchouk, a spokesman for the military administration of the Ukrainian port city.

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The demolition of this iconic building, built in the Soviet Union in 1983 and bearing the name of the Russian capital, formerly involved in the Russian campaign in Syria, is a major snap for the Russian military.

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