“The Russian army is not what it used to be,” said Jean-Pierre Sevenment

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1:15 pm, March 27, 2022

Sonia Mabrouk’s guest of honor for “Le Grand Rendez-vous” with CNews and Les Échos The country is more flexible than previously thought. “


Sonia Mabrook, a former minister and France’s special envoy to Russia, spoke eloquently on the Russian military’s forces: “The Russian army is no more, we see it on the ground. In fact, it’s an army of 140 million people, but relatively poor. Its GDP is often Italy. Russia is a global geopolitical reality, 17 million km, of which 14 are frozen ground. “

“Russia has not given the impression that it can wage a war of aggression against Europe, and I do not believe it is possible,” Jean-Pierre Sevenment added. He added that “the weakness of the Russian military is surprising.”

“Martial resistance in Ukraine”

The former minister also spoke about the struggle of the people of Ukraine: TheUkraine It has become more flexible than believed, even in Russian – speaking areas such as Kharkiv, where there is heroic resistance against the Russian military, which has outnumbered it. “

Jean-Pierre Chevènement believes that this opposition is leading Russia to reconsider its plans: “I think Putin is in the process of reducing his motives. He no longer plans to get his hands on the whole of Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians are fighting, they are resisting, they are the descendants of the Cossacks,” he concluded.

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