The right-wing coalition is leading the polling effort in the Legislative Assembly elections

So a woman could lead the Italian government for the first time. Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP

The conservative Fratelli d’Italia formation, led by Giorgia Meloni, has overtaken the center-left Democratic Party in the polls.

The Italian right has all the ingredients for a return to power. In the municipal elections last June, the local alliances formed between its three components, Fratelli d’Italia, the League and Forza Italia, had already registered a strong push.

Six weeks before snap legislative elections, polls are announcing a major victory for the right-wing coalition, with 45 to 46% of voting intentions in polls. With such a result, the right could comfortably win seats in the Chamber of Deputies (more than 60%) under the Italian mixed voting system.

Broadly speaking, it’s Giorgia Meloni’s party, Fratelli d’Italia (FDI), which could top the center-left Democratic Party with 23 to 24% of the vote. Matteo Salvini’s League could muster nearly 14% of the vote and the indomitable Berlusconi’s Forza Italia 9%.

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Thus, the Italian government may be headed by a woman for the first time, as according to the terms of the coalition of right-wing parties, the first of the coalition bodies will receive the post of head of the Council of Ministers. Giorgia Meloni, the flamboyant leader of the conservative Fratelli d’Italia party, is the 45-year-old favorite to become the next head of government. During the 2018 assembly elections, FDI barely crossed 4% of the vote.

“I’m a Christian”

In ten years, she was able to unite in her name the discontent and aspirations of the Italians at the end of their disappointed hopes.CommissioningFrom Brussels, the high cost of living, the hindered future of their children. Unlike other opposition and anti-establishment parties such as the 5 Star Movement or the League, which refused to participate in previous coalition governments, it now carries a certain disdain.

In the motto? «God, Fatherland, Family“.His priorities? Close the borders to protect Italy from the steep mountains.Islamization», to renegotiate European treaties, Rome regains control of its destiny, to fight againstLobby LGBT“and”Population WinterThe country with the highest median age in the industrialized world after Japan by boosting the birth rate – while reducing naturalization. “I’m Georgia, I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m Italian, I’m Christian“, he famously told his supporters during a fiery speech in Rome in 2019.

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At the end of 2012, tired of the right-wing dissent, he founded Fratelli d’Italia with other opponents of Berlusconism, always in opposition.

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