The remains of two children were found in suitcases sold at auction

A family who bought a trailer loaded with goods from an Auckland warehouse made a terrifying discovery.

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A terrifying discovery. New Zealand police confirmed on Thursday (August 18) that the remains of two primary school-aged children were found in suitcases bought at auction in a warehouse in Auckland. According to officials, the bodies had been kept for years and the victims were between the ages of 5 and 10.

The bodies were found in two suitcases of the same size. “The nature of the discovery complicates the investigation, particularly because of the time elapsed between death and discovery.”, added Inspector Tofilau Famanuia Vaaelua. The bodies were discovered by a family who bought a trailer loaded with loose materials from a warehouse.

The family in question is not related to death, but “Naturally upset by the discovery” And asked for his privacy, the inspector insisted. She was able to get help to deal with this trauma. Police are looking at other items in the trailer, whether household or personal, to identify the victims.

He also reviews hours of CCTV, but key moments may have been erased due to the long delay between the deaths and the discovery of the bodies. For the same reason, autopsies face problems in identifying children. Although their relatives are believed to be in the country, New Zealand police have appealed to the international agency Interpol.

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