The IAEA condemns Tehran’s “bad blow.”

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Thursday, June 9, condemned the decision to withdraw 27 surveillance cameras from Iran’s nuclear operations. “Conspiracy is dangerous” Iranian nuclear talks in Vienna. Iran announced its decision to the IAEA on Wednesday in response to its adoption of a resolution criticizing Tehran. This action “Naturally there is a serious challenge to our ability to continue working there.”, Said Rafael Grossi, director general of the United Nations, during a press conference in Vienna. The IAEA is reviewing and monitoring Iran’s commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal with the major powers in Vienna.

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Negotiations began in the Austrian capital a year ago to try to reunite the United States in the deal, which was condemned by former US President Donald Trump in 2018, and to return Iran with full respect to its international obligations related to its nuclear program.

Berlin, London and Paris made the call to Iran on Thursday evening “Put an end to nuclear expansion” And “The agreement at the table must now be accepted urgently” Since March, according to a joint statement. “We condemn” Tehran’s decision is stated by all three countries in this document sent by the German Foreign Ministry. “This is exacerbating the situation and complicating our efforts to fully recover.” 2015 Agreement.


Washington has also expressed concern about this “Provocations” Tehran warns against US diplomat Anthony Blingen “Worse nuclear crisis” And v. A “Increased economic and political isolation in Iran”. Tehran announced on Wednesday that it had disconnected some cameras without mentioning the number, shortly before the IAEA governors’ vote on a resolution calling for a formal order to order Iran’s non-cooperation.

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In the question, there are no answers “Technically reliable” Iran on traces of enriched uranium previously discovered at three sites where Tehran did not report that Iran had conducted nuclear activities. Iran condemned a gesture condemning the speech, which was put forward by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. “Politics” And “Not creative”.

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Accepting this text “Weakening the Cooperation Process” With the IAEA, the Iranian Foreign Ministry warned. Diplomatic spokesman Saeed Kadibzade defended “Peaceful Nuclear Power Project”, Le “The most obvious in the world”From his country.

In addition to disabling the cameras, Iran informed the IAEA about the installation of two new layers of advanced centrifuges at the Natanz site (in the center of the country), thereby significantly strengthening its uranium enrichment capability. IAEA investigations may continue, with 40 cameras still on site, but Tehran’s move is the result “Less transparency, more skepticism”, Mr. Crosey explained. He once called on Iran to resume talks “Fallen feeling”.

“We will not back down”

Until now, Iran has been careful to avoid a confrontation with the IAEA, but this time the radical conservative president, Ebrahim Raisi, has shown his determination. “We will not back down”, He said, according to the official IRNA agency. If the blockage persists, “In three or four weeks”, The IAEA can no longer provide the information needed to monitor Iran’s nuclear program. Said Crocey.

According to him, this is “Giving a deadly blow” The 2015 agreement provides for a range of Iranian nuclear activities in exchange for easing international sanctions, which have been in recession since the US withdrew its re-imposition of sanctions on Tehran in 2018. A year later, Iran began to withdraw its promises, taking unprecedented action within a few months, while refusing to pursue a nuclear bomb.

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