The European Union (EU) has agreed to cut Russia’s oil imports by more than two-thirds

Gazprom suspends gas supply to one of the Netherlands’ main suppliers

Russian gas company Gasprom will suspend supply to Dutch supplier Castro from Tuesday because it refused to pay in rubles, the Dutch company announced on Monday. “Gosbrom announces suspension of distribution from May 31, 2022”GasTerra said in a statement, while emphasizing it “I expected this by buying elsewhere”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on March 31, demanded that Russian gas buyers from the country, following the imposition of Western sanctions following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. “Friendly” Payment in rubles from accounts in Russia under the penalty for lack of supply.

“Casterra has repeatedly urged Casprom to adhere to the agreed tariff structure and delivery obligations, which are unfortunately of no avail.”The company explained. “GasTerra does not comply with these payment requirements”He further added that these are present “Danger of violating EU sanctions”But “Financial and Operational Risks”.

Castro said the decision by Russian energy companies would not supply two billion cubic meters of gas to the Netherlands by October. “I expected this by buying gas elsewhere”.

The Dutch government holds a 10% stake directly in GasTerra and an additional 40% stake in the state-owned gas company EBN. The rest are owned by energy companies Shell and Esso. The Netherlands currently uses about 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas, of which about six billion cubic meters came from Russia, the government said.

According to the Dutch government “Understands” Castro’s decision not to comply with the request “Unilateralism” Cospromine. “This decision will have no effect on the physical gas supply of Dutch households.”Dutch Climate and Energy Minister Rob Jetton said on Twitter.

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