The Chinese who want to demonstrate are surprised to see their sanitary bass suddenly turn red

In recent days, the Chinese people have seen their health pits suddenly turn red, signifying forced isolation as they plan to express their anger in the country’s main metropolis, Zhengzhou.

On Wednesday, June 15, local authorities in China came under criticism following allegations that they were manipulating health permits to prevent a demonstration in the center of the country.

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China was the first country to be affected by Covid-19 and to control its population. By 2020, China was one of the first countries to generalize the health pass to control movement, identify contact cases and isolate the sick. Scan the QR code on your phone and show your credentials with the PASS application. “vert», Is synonymous with good health, is now a well-established sign in China and is needed at the gateway to building, business and most modes of transport.

In recent days, many have seen their health suddenly turn red (compulsory isolation), state media have reported. Common thing: all the disgruntled bank customers after the property freeze and those who wanted to express their anger in Zhengzhou, the big city in central China. Weakened by the recession, four local banks have frozen all cash withdrawals since mid-April, trapping thousands of small depositors. Led to rare protests last month.

“This is clearly an abuse of power.”

Despite a negative PCR test, the Chinese newspaper reports that a customer noticed that his health pass turned red when he arrived in Zhengzhou. Another committed the mischief without leaving his home, and the media condemned the act, which could have been done deliberately at the local level. Use of Health Pass for purposes other than infection “Against social morality“And a”Violation“The Global Times is a popular English language daily newspaper for its nationalist diets.

When questioned, Zhengzhou told health officials AFP.Investigation“, Without further ado. The matter caused a stir on social media in China on Wednesday, with millions of views. Watching the health pass turn red for no reason.”Sends tremors in the spine“A user commented on a local Weibo parallel to Twitter.”This is clearly an abuse of power“, Cursed another.

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The vast majority of Chinese devote themselves to the game of tracing in order to fight against goitre and to scan health codes without blinking an eye. In a country where maintaining social stability is an obsession, some voices are concerned about possible abuses for surveillance purposes.

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