Rwanda expects asylum seekers from the UK to arrive soon

An agreement was reached between the two countries to deport to the United Kingdom all illegal immigrants who arrived in Rwanda from 1 January.

The first group of asylum seekers sent to Rwanda from the United Kingdom was A.D. Controversial agreement Probably happening in this East African country ”In the coming weeksAuthorities said in Kigali on Thursday.

The agreement to allow Britain to send migrants and asylum seekers to Rwanda has drawn strong criticism from rights groups, opposition parties in both countries and the United Nations. The agreement, announced last month, makes it possible for Rwanda to deport asylum seekers who have arrived illegally on British soil to London.

144 million euros for the device

Under the deal, London will initially fund the device for 120 million (4 144 million). The Rwandan government says it proposes the possibility. “They can settle permanently in Rwanda if they wish.

The UK has said they will be relocating to the first group of about 50 people and look forward to hearing from our UK partners soon.“On the date they arrived”Maybe in the next few weeksThe Rwandan government’s deputy spokeswoman Alain Mukuralinda said in a statement on Thursday. For his part, government spokesman Yolande Makolo confirmed.Immigrants will be coming in the coming weeks.

Not “human trafficking”

Proposals to relocate tens of thousands of people in the coming years are expected to be challenged in UK courts.InhumaneBy advocacy groups. Human rights activists accuse President Paul Cagamin’s government of crushing opposition and holding an iron grip on power, but when the asylum agreement was announced on April 14, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Rwanda.One of the safest countries in the world.

Paul Kagame said last month that there was no deal with England.Human trade. ⁇Please we do not trade humans. This is not the case. In fact, we help“, He further, described this agreement”NoveltyPresented by Rwanda.

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Paul Kagame said he would treat Rwandan refugees.DecadesEspecially from neighboring countries. According to UN figures, Rwanda hosted more than 127,000 refugees in September last year, almost half of them children. The majority are Congolese, followed by the Burundians.

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