Russian bombings would have caused three deaths in twenty-four hours; Nine target areas

Pro-Russian separatists announced they had captured a village near Baghmoud

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region have announced they have captured a village near Bakhmoud, one of the front’s hot spots, which Moscow forces have been trying to capture for months.

Baghmoutz area in Donetsk region, “Released by the Russian Armed Forces”, say separatists of the region annexed by Russia. Unable to verify information.

Bakhmoutske Located northeast of Bakhmout, a town once known for its vineyards and salt mines, had about 70,000 inhabitants before the Russian offensive began in February 2022. Especially sought after by Russian forces led by mercenaries of the Wagner group. Months have passed to capture Bagmouth, but they face stiff resistance from the Ukrainians. The two camps engaged in a particularly ferocious artillery battle that reduced part of the city to rubble.

Pakmoutske is situated next to the Soleder, the scene of fierce fighting. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said on Sunday evening that the area between these two cities “One of the bloody places on the front.”.

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