Russia maintains its pressure in the East and South; According to Moscow, 50 civilians were evacuated from Mariupol

By mobilizing 40 countries and giving Ukraine a $ 33 billion budget, Washington chooses to ignore Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons and confront Moscow in a less or less indirect way, fearing that it will not push the Russian president to its limits.

The day after a meeting organized by Washington in Rammstein, Germany to organize the support of about 40 countries for Ukraine, Mr. Putin promised a response on Wednesday. “Fast and blisters” In case of external intervention in the conflict. The Russian president mentioned “These tools that no one else can be proud of right now”The subtle hint of a tactical nuclear weapon is what Russian military theory uses to force an enemy to retreat.

Instead of backing down, Joe Biden asked Congress the next day for $ 33 billion for a massive budget extension, of which $ 20 billion would go to arms supplies. Weapons and ammunition already supplied to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. After a long hesitation for fear of spreading the conflict to other NATO countries, the US administration is now supplying heavy weapons such as artillery, helicopters and drones to kyiv.

The concern seems to have faded in Washington, where Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin targeted himself on Monday. “To see that Russia is too weak to do things like the invasion of Ukraine.”, visiting and returning to kyiv. Within the US government, the nuclear threat from Russia has now been pushed aside. Thus Joe Biden slammed the threats on Thursday “Irresponsible” Vladimir Putin, and judged that they showed “The sense of frustration felt by Russia was compounded by its pathetic failure in relation to its initial objectives.”. And on Friday, a senior Pentagon official said Washington “I do not believe there is a risk of using nuclear weapons or that there is a threat to NATO territory.”.

Lawrence Friedman, an Emeritus professor at King’s College London, receives various threats from Russia “Taken less than before”. “It’s already a low power”He adds Son Blog. Results shared by Gideon Rose of the Foreign Relations Council in New York. Moscow will not use nuclear weapons during the conflictHe says in Review Foreign Affairs. Vladimir Putin “Extraordinary retaliation and global protests will follow, which cannot be justified without any strategic advantage, and the radioactive effects of this could easily fall on Russia.”He adds.

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Although Biden says America, Mr. “Do not attack Russia”, Washington has now encouraged the supply of military equipment to Ukraine and is now openly training Ukrainian soldiers in US heavy weapons. So the conflict takes all forms “Battle of Benami” Sam Winter-Levy of Princeton University cites Moscow against Ukrainians Special Blog on War on the Rocks.

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