Russia increases pressure on Europe by shutting down Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline

This time, things are clear: by announcing the suspension of gas supplies to the European Union (EU) via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, Moscow has for the first time openly agreed to use gas as a political weapon – after arguing, since the beginning of the crisis. Various technical excuses to slow down or interrupt Hydrocarbon flows.

The Kremlin explained on Monday, September 5 that gas supplies from Russia to the EU via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline will not continue in full. “Joint West” Does not lift sanctions against Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, blamed European, British and Canadian sanctions for Moscow’s failure to deliver gas through the key infrastructure that would bring that energy from St. Petersburg across the Baltic Sea to Germany.

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Gas transportation was first stopped on August 31 “Planned Maintenance”, had to be completed after three days. But on September 3, Russian utility Gazprom announced the removal of another gas turbine engine at a compressor station and a complete shutdown of supplies due to its inability to resolve these issues.

This argument was immediately contradicted by the turbine’s manufacturer, Siemens Energy. “We can confirm that such discovery does not create a technical reason to stop operations”The German group wrote in a statement on September 2. “Siemens would have refused to maintain the turbines is a lie”, Russian hydrocarbons market expert Mikhail Kroutikhin abundantly – he recalled that the restrictions do not affect the maintenance of turbines. Three were declared non-functional by Gazprom, while a fourth was blocked due to Gazprom in Germany “Always finds reasons not to deliver to Russia”. Four of the eight turbines needed to operate the compressor station are already in Russia.

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Amazing rise in gas prices

According to the expert, this is a purely political decision: “The goals are very obvious: to convince the Europeans that Gazprom will freeze for the winter without feeling the slightest pity. Unless the EU cancels or loosens economic sanctions against Russia and stops military support for Ukraine. » The Kremlin is patiently waiting for the European front to crumble under the pressure of public opinion, bitten by inflation and the winter cold.

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