Risks of nuclear disaster in Ukraine: Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron, Olaf Scholes and Boris Johnson call for “restraint”

In a joint statement, several heads of state called for “control” over the risk of a “nuclear catastrophe” in Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Speaking with Emmanuel Macron on Friday, Vladimir Putin said he feared a “major catastrophe” at the site.

US, French, German and British leaders on Sunday called for “restraint” around Zaporizhia, Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which is occupied by the Russian military. Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, as well as Chancellor Olaf Scholes and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who spoke by phone, called for the “swift” dispatch of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors to the site. Olaf Scholes.

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War in Ukraine: Should we fear a Russian attack on Ukrainian Independence Day on August 24?

Repeated fighting around this nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine – by two warring parties who mutually deny responsibility for the attacks – has raised fears of a disaster worse than Chernobyl. On Friday, the French president’s office confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had accepted an inspection visit to the plant by IAEA inspectors.

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War in Ukraine: Putin warns Macron of risk of “major disaster” at Zaporizhia power plant

During Sunday’s talks, the four Western leaders “agreed that support for Ukraine will be maintained in Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression”.

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