Republicans are seizing technical incidents with voting machines

Americans are voting, but may wait days for full results

It may take a few days for the election results to be fully known. Here’s why:

Postal voting has become widespread since the 2020 presidential election, which was organized amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, Approximately 25 million bulletins were mailed. However, these votes will take a long time to be counted rather than a vote taken in person. To certify these ballots — sent by mail or deposited in large metal boxes — the envelopes must be opened, the signatures verified, and placed in a pile before being counted. Rules determining when you can start this product vary from state to state. For example, in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it cannot take place before Election Day.

Also, some ballots may arrive several days after the election date and still be accepted in many states. The same goes for the bulletins of soldiers serving abroad. During close elections, these votes tend to be lopsided. So the result cannot be declared definitively before these votes are also counted.

  • Very tight results

The results may be so close that a recount is needed. In all, about twenty states have automatic recount laws if the margin between two candidates is too narrow. It is often set to 0.5%Like Arizona for example.

otherwise, A by-election may be required in Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker faces Democrat Raphael Warnock. If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a by-election must be held in early December. The scenario is made possible by the third-man candidacy of libertarian Chase Oliver. In 2020, because of the Georgia midterms, Americans had to wait weeks to find out which party won the majority in the Senate.

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The highly tense political environment is also reflected in several legal actions that have already been launched, challenging the technical aspects of the local voting process. These procedures can delay certification of results during lengthy legal battles. Republicans, for example, tried to invalidate some early votes in Pennsylvania that were generally more favorable to Democrats. The state Supreme Court agreed with them, ruling that invalid or undated early ballots, even if they arrived on time, could not be counted. Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman has appealed in federal court. Thousands of voices are at stake.

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