Putin’s health: “Severely ill”, “looks like a hamster” … British journalist warns of Kremlin master’s health

The health of the Russian president certainly worries the whole world. Although the information is difficult to verify, there are rumors that Putin’s health is deteriorating. According to the British journalist who conducted the investigation, “he must have been seriously ill”.

Rumors persist that Putin’s health is deteriorating. In his forthcoming book (to be published on July 21), ‘Killer in the Kremlin’, John Sweeney, a British investigative journalist, describes changes he has observed in Putin’s behavior and physical appearance, which scare him, reports Newsweek.

One of the possible reasons for these changes: the use of steroids. “The president may have started taking steroids years ago to treat a back injury sustained in a fall from a horse,” he wrote.

The journalist describes the abuse of steroids he witnessed in a case where a British mobster once overdosed “and died when his heart exploded.” The “hyper-aggressive” nature exhibited by Putin in recent months reminded the writer of this point.

“A Puffy-Cheeked Hamster”

John Sweeney already met Vladimir Putin in person for the BBC in 2014. In this regard, he writes that he found the leader “subtle, pliant”, who spoke “quietly”. He then compares the Putin of 2014 as “a slimy-faced reptile” to that of 2022, “related to a hamster with sickly cheeks”.

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