Putin’s daughter leaves Russia and heads west

This is a good indicator of the Kremlin’s tolerance threshold, which continues to fall: after jailing its real opponents, from Alexei Navalny to Vladimir Kara-Murza, it was soon arrested.Invasion of Ukraine, Poutine Now he attacks those who tolerate it.

The most iconic of them, his goddaughter Ksenia Sobtchak, 40, sneaked into Lithuania, where she walked on Wednesday – surveillance cameras at the border confirmed this – thanks to her Israeli passport. This is after a car ride through Belarus. She had earlier tried in vain to escape Moscow with plane tickets to Dubai and Istanbul.

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He criticizes the Ukrainian annexation of Crimea

Putin’s daughter, Ksenia Sobchak did not reach out a while ago. His father, Anatoly, a former mayor of St. Petersburg who died in 2000, was a political mentor to the former KGB officer.… until he was made an assistant. The former jet-setter rose to fame through reality TV before venturing into journalism, fashion and politics.

In 2018, he ran for president (1.68%), claiming to be the voice of disaffected Russians. He is careful not to insult Putin, but is critical of authoritarian drift and Ukraine’s annexation of Crimea.

Accused of being an operetta opponent, he gave the regime a democratic mantle, yet he staunchly defended the torture investigations and prisons of the site’s founder (refugees in France), Vladimir Osech, on his Telegram channels. gulagu.net.

Apparently, it has nothing to do with her current concerns: she’s being sued for extortion — a decidedly recurring crime among enemies — the appearance of her accomplices’ arrest and search of her apartment earlier in the week.

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